Top Ten Educational Apps for iPhone

Top Ten Educational Apps for iPhone

The popularity of iPhones and iPads has revolutionized the education. Notebooks and textbooks have not been abolished, but many students use tablets and smartphones to study. In addition to the students, non-student professionals also use these devices to educate themselves. Apples App Store offers thousands of educational apps for iPhone. These apps maintain and educate.

The best iPhone devices for education use the most relevant iPhone features and facilities to provide a good learning experience. Upgrades in touch technology, Internet connectivity, HD monitors and 3D support have made the iPhone the best handheld educational device. This has enabled developers to build effective educational applications. Lets look at ten of the best training programs for iPhone.

Mental notes

Listing is an important part of the education. Interesting and short notes are extremely useful for purposes and audits. Not only does the Mental Notes app allow you to take quick notes, but it also lets you include photos and videos along with your notes. Whether youre a student trying to make all the information manageable or a teacher trying to make your lessons more fun, this app will meet your expectations.

Elements: A visual exploration

This app highlights the power of the development of iPhone training programs. It takes one of the hardest and boring subjects and makes it fun. Users can select any item; The app shows different items from this item. Students can also rotate the object and see it in a 3D view. Of course, it also has a column of numbers and facts along with the pictures.


School and college students participate in several different classes and study a number of subjects. They must keep track of assignments, homework and tests for all different classes. If you are such a student, this app will make your life a little easier. All you need to do is enter the information in the app. It will send you alerts and remind you when your homework has expired.

iStudiez Pro

College students will benefit greatly from the use of this app. This app is built to meet the specific needs of school students. It offers a number of features that allow students to take care of specific tasks. For example, it comes up with homework, summarizes schedules, track qualities, and backups data.


The TED conference is where the worlds largest innovators and teachers meet. By downloading this app, you can access all the interesting and sensitive lectures of these people. While this app does not teach you any topic, youll learn to learn by watching the TED conversation.

iTunes U

This app has been built by Apple. It is loaded with excellent educational content from some of the worlds best universities. By installing this app you will have access to an incredible number of topics. This is one of the best iPhone apps for education for people who believe in self-study.

No fear Shakespeare

Shakespeare has maintained and surprised the generations of fans and his works have plagued a lot of students. Love him or hate him, you have to study him at some point in your life. This app offers you a mobile library of all his games. Even more importantly, it provides a simpler, translated version of his game.

Motion Math

Learning and practicing mathematical functions and fractions can get quite boring. This educational app makes it interesting. A star has fallen from space, and you have to push it back to heaven. To do this, you must move the fractions in the right place. Through this game, the app will teach you how to rate fractions.


Not only is this app great for children trying to expand their vocabulary, but it is also a great option for adults who love language and want to learn more words. It will teach you new words every time you open it. It also challenges you to use the word at least once a day.


While most other iPhone apps for education focus on users being able to use their iPhones to access information and learn new things in an entertaining way, Edmodo helps teachers and students use technology. It provides a secure channel for teachers and students to communicate, send notes, share information and send messages. Students can use the app to check their grades and keep tabs on their assignments.

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